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revive refresh renew

An inspirational workshop opportunity to laugh, reflect and be energized…
Your excuse to take the time and discover the tools to tend to your own garden…

You already have what it takes to be confident & successful… now it’s time to nurture…

To participate in a Revive Refresh Renew workshop please contact us.

seed in the kitchen

Food nourishes your soul;
Friends nourish your soul and heart
and Learning nourishes your soul, heart and mind…

Welcome to seed in the kitchen.

Seed in the Kitchen presents Melbourne-based chef Mark Shannon. His experience with cooking in Melbourne and Italy has cultivated his fresh and youthful attitude to life and cooking. Mark will use his unique charm, humour and down–to-earth approach to take us on a journey in the kitchen. We live the experience, by creating our own dishes and we will do it with friends in our own kitchen.

To participate in a Seed in the Kitchen experience please contact us.

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