how we work

The journey our clients undertake with us means creating the best strategy for their unique context.

We immerse ourselves in each unique assignment and our clients are an essential part of this journey – whether this is a development program; a coaching experience; a team building exercise or a strategic planning meeting.

Some of our learning philosophies and approaches include:

Succeed Learning System™ is an innovation in the world of learning and development professionals. It develops the capacity of your organisation by lifting the capacity of your learning and development professionals for their own sustainable learning and their capacity to successfully enable others.

Learning programs covering a range of topics either as residential or non-residential environments are used as part of the learning journey to enable participants to take time away from their usual work environment to reflect, consider, learn and practice new skills to do better business.

Executive Coaching and feedback session that provide individuals with specific and focused one-on-one attention that deals with their unique situations, environment and problems.

Purposeful Play which generates knowledge through exploration, experimentation, rule bending, limit testing, levity and sport in a safe space. In this way it is possible to see new patterns in apparent chaos and find new ways through a variety of circumstances.

Life Leadership Lessons enable us to take notice of the world around us. Everyday experiences offer us the opportunity to participate, lead and learn. We immerse our learners in the community outside their organisation for a life experience to enhance their leadership development. This could include a community volunteering experience.

Stories are humankind’s oldest way of communicating and comprehending truths. They go straight to into the mind and help it to see and understand some aspect of itself better. Ultimately these stories can help us to know ourselves and find the words to explain our experiences and achievements to our team, our bosses and our clients. We encourage the learner to explore and tell their stories using a range of objects as metaphors.

Learning Groups provide the opportunity to immediately apply the learning and provide real time value to a current, specific project. Creating learning communities give the opportunity to practice collaboration, decision making and problem solving… really!!

Assessment and Development Centres are used to identify help organisations assess for recruitment and succession planning, or identify development areas to create individual learning plans.

Conferences provide the opportunity to give key messages to large audiences in a participative and interactive manner.

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