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succeed in action

organisation 1:

Our client was embarking on a major change initiative, using change champions and facilitators from the business. They had selected well, people with energy for their role however they had limited up front experience. They worked with the succeed team to select the best solution to ensure that their initiative was successful.

They chose module 3 from presenting to facilitating. The change team participated in - Train the Trainer – for subject matter experts.

The results... the workshops were facilitated with excellent change buy in.

organisation 2:

An organisation with an experienced team of learning and development professionals were having difficulty connecting with the business. Through deep discussions and exploration of their unique situation they created their own succeed learning system:

Module 1: business of learning - Learning and business relationships

Module 4: mastering facilitation. This team used executive coaching for the senior facilitators to target their feedback and development plan. This resulted in perfecting some areas, introducing other skill areas and generally increasing their performance.

This team is reinvigorated, sitting at the business decision making table and honing their professional craft.

"Our learning and development consultants participate in succeed learning system module 1 the business of learning spent a day working with Ann focused on "partnering with our clients" to develop and deliver relevant and effective learning solutions. We had a fantastic day as individuals as well as a team. Ann was able to work with us, our own experiences, clients and challenges and provide a pragmatic approach to developing robust relationships with both existing and new clients. It also provided an opportunity for the team to work together to continue to build trust, support each other in work and learning. I am continuing to see the results of the learning in each of my team members months later through positive interaction with clients and lots of great opportunities being identified for learning and development to partner with the business."

- Nicole Girard, Learning and Development Manager

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